The Producer

Meet the Producer – Mini Guleria

Over 25 years of experience as an International Business Consultant,
Marketing Trainer and Corporate Communications Specialist.

Launching and managing diverse products and projects,
in addition to in-depth knowledge of initiating and implementing
PR strategies across multiple industries and diverse geographic regions.


Till 1982 India, 1983 – 1990 Dubai UAE, since 1991 USA


September 2013
– completed the production of a Documentary film about the successful NRI’s in USA, for Government of India’s Ministry of External Affairs to be telecast on the national geographic channel and through their U-Tube channel in missions across the world


Co-produced a movie “The Gold Bracelet” in Los Angeles after 9/11 episode, a subject that was very time sensitive at that time. Worked for 12- 14 hours a day to complete the project in 30 days. Due to shortage of funds lent a hand in every area of production. From creating the sets to make-up and hair, wardrobe, to lending hand for other production needs.


smal collage


Consultant for a movie project “Water Bourne” as adviser for correctness of religious aspects. The producers were Indian American youngsters who did not know too much of Sikh religion. Was slated to play the main mother’s role but was later replaced by Shabhana Azmi, a well-known actress of repute.

 Water Bourne with Shabana Azmi 001

My own television program with Delhi Door Darshan from 1976-78

–“Tuhadi Daak” a program where I read letters from nearly 500 viewers per week.
-Choreograph of musical and dances of Punjab
-Interview of artists and poets at prime time on Sunday evenings.

Some of my notable achievements

*Help create strategic alliances and joint ventures for Green and Environmentally friendly projects all over the world. – Ongoing
*Consultant for real-estate investments in USA, UAE and India  -2005 – 2010
*Helped launch Mary Kay of USA, of the Pink Cadillac fame, in India 2007
*Consultant for Starting an Elementary School in Fremont, San Francisco, CA

From raising Venture capital to acquiring 501c3 status to opening the School 2002

*Responsible for special Supplements and classifieds for India-West Publication, USA.  (2000 – 2002) Earlier similar work with Gulf News, Dubai 1987
*Helped establish the offices of Avon Of America in UAE. A unique marketing concept of door-to-door selling in a very conservative society of Middle East 1983 Book review for the American Library (USIS) New Delhi. The books were printed in India for the Indian readers based on these reviews.  1980 -1982

Was fully involved with charitable projects, fund raising and other social events for Rotary, Country Clubs, IBM & many Social Organizations in India

Some comments by satisfied clients and business associates…
“High degree of integrity and professionalism”
“Takes on responsibility with great decision making skills”
“Mini has well thought out ideas for increased efficiency and wonderful team Work”

Hobbies & Creativite activities

  • Swimming
  • Ikebana (art of Flower arranging)
  • Exponent of Indian classical and state dances
  • Healthy, organic, low calorie Cooking for all pallets
  • Ayurvedic and Alternative Healing for Health and Happiness

Mini was educated in a convent in Calcutta and has played lead role in most of Rabindranath Tagore’s dance drama ballets