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Hindustan_Ghadar_article_detailing_arrest_of_Lala_Hardayal_(March_24,_1914)Urdu Vol. 1 No. 22 March 24, 1914 India against Britain

Ghadar Newspaper (Urdu) Vol. 1, No. 22,
March 24, 1914

The party was built around the weekly paper
The Ghadar
which carried the caption on the masthead: Angrezi Raj Ka Dushman
(an enemy of the British rule)

Jobs Available

Wanted brave soldiers to stir up rebellion in India

British barbarities in India

  • Pay - DEATH
  • Pension  LIBERTY
  • Battle-field - INDIA
  • Price - MARTYRDOM

The ideology of the party was strongly secular.

We are not Hindu, Sikh or Musalman.
Our religion is patriotism

The first issue of The Ghadar, was published from San Francisco on November 1, 1913.

Towards the end of 1913, the party established contact with prominent revolutionaries in India, including Rash Behari Bose.

An Indian edition of the Hindustan Ghadar essentially espoused the philosophies of anarchism and revolution against British interests in India.

Political discontent and violence mounted in Punjab, and Ghadarite publications that reached Bombay from California were deemed seditious and banned by the British Raj.

This led the British government to pressure the American State Department to suppress Indian revolutionary activities and Ghadarite literature, which emanated mostly from San Francisco.