With Celebrities

1. with Kapoor family 2008Kapoor Family

4. with Aishwarya and Steven Segal 001Aishwarya Rai and Steven Segal

With Shatru Sinha 001Shatrughan Sinha

Priyanka chopra 001small Priyanka Chopra

2.with Rajesh Khanna 001Rajesh Khanna

5.-with-Anil-Kapoor-e1384070908452Anil Kapoor

7. with Dev Anand 001 Dev Anand

6.. with Sonam Kapoor 001 (1)Sonam Kapoor

3. with Zarina Wahab(2)Zarina Wahab

8.-with-Shyam-Benegal-001-e1384208096756Shayam Benegal

10.-with-Mahima-Chaudhary-001-e1384070480983Mahima Chaudhary

Tina Munim 001Tina Munim